Ethiopians Just Planted More Than 200 Million Trees In One Day

It's a new world record.

Update: Ethiopia's government now estimates they planted 353 million trees in a single day, according to CBS.

Ethiopians set a new world record by planting over 200 million trees in a single day on Monday.

The achievement came after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pushed a tree-planting initiative that he hopes will repair the damage done by climate change and deforesting across Ethiopia. A state broadcasting network in Ethiopia says 224 million trees were planted. 


"Today Ethiopia is set in our attempt to break the world record together for a green legacy," Ahmed's office tweeted

The daily record is part of a larger goal for Ethiopia: to plant 4 billion trees by October of this year. So far, government officials say they are just shy of 3 billion and that trees have been planted across the entire country, The Washington Post reported. 

Massive efforts by the government and its citizens in Ethiopia were spurned by a huge decline in forestation across the country. In the early 1900s, about 30 percent of Ethiopia was covered in trees, according to the forest management organization Farm Africa. Now, that number is down to four percent. Officials hope the huge tree-planting push will turn things around.

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Dereje


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