Kids Asked To Imagine Their Future Wedding. Then, 2 Adults Chime In And The Conversation Shifts.


"Everyone should be allowed to get married. Because if you love them and they love you back, and if you want to get married with them, you should get married."

Damn right they should. But not all of them can.

In advance of Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and in honor of the LGBT Pride Month, auto insurance provider Esurance released a beautiful three-minute video to express company's support to same-sex partnerships and marriage equality. 

The video, titled "Equal Dreams," was shot at a real wedding in Chicago and features a bunch of little kids sharing their craziest "big day" ideas.


'In my wedding I'm gonna have a really big doughnut. Imagine a small apartment. It would be bigger than that.'

'When I kiss the bride, it's gonna both be exciting aaaand ... disgusting.'

'If my husband does not like the cake, he will buy his own cake.' PREACH!

The video takes a different turn when a few older guests are asked about the wedding plans they had as kids.

"When I was younger, having a wedding was not really a part of my future. I knew I was different and I didn't see anyone around me who was like me living as a married couple," says Shannon.

According to Esurance's press release, the goal of its campaign is to stand with the company's LGBT community (friends, family, employees and customers) and manifest its belief that "all dreams should be equal." And it's not just a compelling publicity stunt.

Since 2011, Esurance has been extending its married rate to married gay couples, domestic partners and those in civil unions in every state where the company operates. Even if that state doesn't allow same-sex marriage.

Check out the full video below and share your thoughts in the comments section:


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