They Thought She Was A Pygmy Piglet, Then She Didn't Stop Growing

Quite the surprise.

Adopting an animal is always a journey full of surprises. But few can beat the story of Esther the Wonderpig. 

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walker adopted Esther under the impression that she was a pygmy piglet; a breed of pig that does not exceed 15 inches or 55 lbs. Jenkins and Walker, both Canadian, had no idea that their little piglet was about to balloon into a massive, 667 lb house pet


Esther as a baby.

At first, Esther seemed exactly what they expected. But before long, she began to look like this:

According to Bored Panda, Jenkins and Walker were so taken by Esther and her intelligence that they gave up meat entirely and became vegans. 

Now Esther is a big enough for wrestling matches.

She's even gotten to meet some new friends.

And some of her own kind.

She begs with the dogs!

She's a big fan of cuddling.

And while she loves the summer...

...She is also wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Want to hear more about this incredible story of love and companionship? Go check out Esther's Facebook or Twitter pages!

(H/t Bored Panda)


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