This Girl Loves Math So Much It's Crazy

She's the coolest chick in England right now.

This is Esther Okade's five-year plan:

- Graduate from Open University with a degree in math 

- Earn her Ph.D.

- Begin running her own bank

She expects to cross these goals off of her to-do list by the time she's 15 or 16.

Plenty of girls her age have expressed equally ambitious dreams, but Esther isn't just daydreaming from a sandbox at her elementary school playground. She's already an undergraduate at Open University — and, at only 10 years old, she's currently at the top of her class.

She's not just a math prodigy; she's a math devotee. In an interview with The Birmingham Mail, Esther speaks about math the way most kids speak about macaroni and cheese. Or the way prepubescent girls speak about Harry Styles. 


Or the way Kel speaks about orange soda…

"I just love math," she says, in a dreamy voice. "All the numbers and the solving, it's like a mystery." 

And then, she actually lets out a sigh as if the mere thought of math is enough to send her into a dreamland.

According to The Telegraph, Esther's mother, Efe says her daughter wants to be a millionaire. And, if we know anything about Esther, she won't have any trouble counting her money… 


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