Twitter Reminds Men They Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Seeing A Naked Man On A Magazine Cover

Let’s talk about double standards and "ESPN’s" Body Issue.

ESPN The Magazine has been celebrating the athletic form since 2009 with The Body Issue, showing men and women at the top of their sport in tasteful nude portraits — and yet, not everyone is hip to what it's been doing.

The magazine made waves earlier this week when debuting the 2017 covers featuring the NFL's Zeke Elliott and tennis champ Caroline Wozniacki. Apparently some guys and their fragile masculinity couldn't handle seeing Elliott naked but, of course, had no problem with Wozniacki naked.

The Dallas Cowboy player's GIF cover featured the running back completely nude and holding a football while standing under splashing water.


While some were in admiration of Elliott's impressive physique and fitness, it didn't take long for insecure men on Twitter to start complaining and being immature. Here is a smattering of those reactions and some clapbacks that were sent in response:

That being said, there were some people who were cool with the cover and reacted with a sense of appreciation for the 21-year-old's cover and the work he has put into achieving the body he has:

Then it was time to see Wozniacki, a Danish tennis pro who is a former No. 1 (and is still ranked at No. 7) with 25 WTA singles titles. The 26-year-old got a GIF cover, too:

Of course, some reactions showed an extreme sense of hypocrisy as there seemed to be no problem with a woman appearing naked just like their male counterparts. You know the drill — clapbacks and all:

Some people were living for the fact that there was outrage over Elliott's cover but not as much from Wozniacki's cover.

You might be laughing, but this whole scenario highlights the troubling thing that naked men are somehow bad while naked women are more accepted. It's a clear double standard that makes it OK for women's bodies to be consumed by the public while men's bodies are deemed taboo overall.

The argument that men don't want to see other men on the cover of magazines catered to them is harmful on multiple accounts. First, women are free to consume sports publications all they want. Second, women are used to seeing women nude — or at least semi-nude — on the cover of fashion publications and other genres of magazines all the time. Third, the act of just seeing another man's body does not make you gay and, therefore, there is no need to act all "no homo" when it happens.

Here's to more moments like this that challenge societal expectations and the human body — all human bodies.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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