Teen Holding An Elderly Woman's Hand Shows How Small Actions Have Big Impacts

"Not only was he not ashamed to help her, but held her hand the entire way down and helped her off."

A photograph of a teenager helping an elderly woman down the escalator in a Fort Wayne, Ind., mall triggered worldwide attention recently, reminding people that sometimes the smallest actions can make the biggest impact.

A Facebook post by Fort Wayne's Leah Kerr that was later shared by Love What Matters, shows her grandmother, Carma Greathouse, being helped down the escalator at Glenbrook Mall by 19-year-old Alujwyon Lowery.

"I didn't realize until I stepped on that grandma was too scared to get on-I felt horrible as I watched her try again and again to get her footing right." Kerr wrote in her post. "People walked around her, pushed by her or asked her to step to the side- until this amazing man saw her. Not only was he not ashamed to help her, but held her hand the entire way down and helped her off."


In an interview with ABC 21 Alive, Greathouse described how Lowery stepped up when no one else would. "He says, 'take hold of my hand,' and I says, 'I sure will,' and he says, 'now take a step when I take a step.' So I did and I got on and he held my hand all the way down the elevator. He was a very nice man."

Greathouse later left a comment on the Love What Matters page to thank Lowery, who responded with the humility and grace becoming a gentleman. 


It takes almost no time to help someone carry a stroller up a flight of stairs. It takes less energy to hold someone's hand than it does to order a cup of coffee. In short, the tiniest acts of kindness cost you almost nothing, but their value is immeasurable. 

Thank you for that reminder, Mr. Williams. 

(H/T: ABC 21 Alive)


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