We Could All Use This Lesson On How To Leave An Uncomfortable Situation

"Your boundaries are also your word, your integrity."

We've all found ourselves in uncomfortable situations. While, sometimes, we don't have control over these situations, it can be helpful to simply know our boundaries and demand they be respected. Of course, this is usually easier said than done, but being taught the value of knowing and respecting boundaries from an early age could make it easier to exit uncomfortable situations later in life.  

A woman named Erynn Brook took to Twitter to share the lesson her mother taught her about leaving an uncomfortable situation. It's one we could all use. 


The Ontario resident explains that when she was about 7 years old, she attended her first sleepover. Brook recalls her mom saying to her "If I was uncomfortable at any point, for any reason, even if it was in the middle of the night, I could call her."

Her mom was adamant. Brook said, "She said it doesn’t matter what time it is, you won’t be in trouble and I’ll come get you."

She doesn't remember exactly what happened, but she believes she was being teased, and there was "something social going on" besides not being able to sleep.

So, she called her mom.

When her mom came to get her, she made it very clear that apologies were not necessary. "Don't apologize for my daughter. I want her to know she's allowed to leave and I'll be there for her at any time," Brook wrote her mom said.  

This wasn't the only time Brook's mom taught her a lesson about boundaries. She recalls a time her mom had a little girl who wronged Brook apologize in front of her parents. There was another time Brook's mom had three of her friends wait for their parents to pick them up after they teased Brook, and she told them to leave. 

There was a time when the author was older and debating whether she should leave a hostile work environment at a camp. Her mom said of course she could leave and offered cab money so she and her friends could be picked up from "the middle of nowhere."

Brook admits there were times she might not have always insisted on respecting her own boundaries, but she remembered her mom's advice.

She acknowledges many others weren't taught this and are instead taught to apologize and "deal" with the situation. And she even admits to having internalized some it herself.

In conclusion, Brook explains her reason for sharing her story. "I wanted to tell this story because the message to stay to make others comfortable is so pervasive, that without actively teaching me that I'm allowed to leave, that's what I would've absorbed."

After the Twitter thread began to go viral, she made it clear that her story is something that should be taught to all children of all genders because everyone can stay in an uncomfortable situation.

She also addressed critics who said people should "toughen up" in these uncomfortable situations.

Others are taking to social media to share their opinions and how their parents taught them something similar, too.

Cover image via  Maria Savenko I Shutterstock


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