These Breastfeeding Photos Show How Beautiful The Motherly Act Is

Motherhood is beautiful.

Women are still being shamed for breastfeeding in public places. Photographer Erin White was fed up with this, so she created the Women in the Wild photo series, which shows that breastfeeding can be a majestic thing.

"As women, we are conditioned from an early age to believe that our bodies and their functions are inherently shameful," White said to A Plus. "I hope that these photos showcase the beauty of breastfeeding and motherhood, but my deeper wish is that they help to change a culture of shame."

White's photo collection shows that all mothers should be proud of their bodies and that breastfeeding in public is as natural as anything. The photos have been so popular, many women expressed an interest in participating in their own photos, and so White will be expanding the project. Here are 13 photos from the photo series:


1. The beauty of mother and infant.

2. A proud mother.

3. The joy of motherhood with two children.

4. The most peaceful hammock ever.

5. The look on this child's face is priceless.

6. Mom's smile says it all.

7. Bonding between new mothers.

8. Maternity is a natural thing.

9. The sunset in the background is secondary.

10. You can't see the mother's face, but you know she is smiling.

11. All together in the water.

12. All together with the sunset.

13. And one final time.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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