This Girl Creates Stunning Works Of Art But The Way She Does It Will Amaze You

Unique technique.

This is Erin Barylski, a Miami-based artist who is known for her large scale paintings. But not only that.


Erin has a rather different technique to create her works of art. Instead of using paintbrushes, she turns herself into one.

Erin, who goes by the name Splits Art, uses choreographed and improvised dance, yoga and contortion to cover her canvases in vibrant paint.

Barylski refers to her performances as "Jackson Pollock turned fitness."

"My performance art, I have been told, is something you have to see to believe! I use my flexible paint covered physique as a paintbrush, while performing choreographed and/or improvised dance, yoga, and contortion upon a canvas to entertain and create vibrant 2D artworks," Erin says of her work.

Erin uses non-toxic tempera to paint upon her giant canvases, that average at 5x10 feet.

Most of her performances last around 15-30 minutes but it can take hours to create more intricate pieces.

Erin has already been noticed by America's Got Talent and The Late Show with David Letterman. In 2013, she was awarded Miami Best Performing Artist. 

Currently, Erin is preparing for her trip to Paris to perform at "La Grande Exposition Universelle" inside the Eiffel Tower.

Watch this video to see Erin performing live:

Check out more works by Erin Barylski on her website, Instagram or her Facebook page.

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