Ellen Scares 'Modern Family's' Eric Stonestreet — Again — During His Appearance On Her Show

"I promised him I wouldn't scare him again ..."

Eric Stonestreet has appeared on The Ellen Show on numerous occasions — and every time, Ellen DeGeneres manages to scare him. 

"I promised him I wouldn't scare him again, 'cause we scare him every single time," DeGeneres says during Stonestreet's latest appearance. In the past, she's had people dressed as clowns come from behind stage or jump out of boxes mid-interview. She's also sent Stonestreet through an epic haunted house with the show's executive producer, Andy

But despite her promises, DeGeneres manages to scare Stonestreet, yet again — this time it happens backstage, and the footage is captured on a hidden camera. 

And while it may cause some initial shock, the pair can always laugh about it — and we can, too.

Check it out in full below:



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