Guy Falls Asleep On Road Trip. Internet Promptly Photoshops All The Things He Missed.

Hilarious and imaginative.

Traveling can be exhausting. We've all been guilty of falling asleep for long stretches of time on a vacation, and missing some sights. This is what happened to Eria Auguste's boyfriend, Scott, who fell asleep on a recent car ride. 

"We were on a road trip to an event," Eria told Bored Panda. "There were five of us in the car, but no amount of our energetic conversation, loud laughter, or the bumps in the road, could wake him up. I took a picture because it was so funny to us that he could sleep through all that."


Rather than simply keeping the photo, she went on the I'm Telling God Facebook page, which curates memes, and asked people to Photoshop the photo to include what Scott missed on the journey. Needless to say, creative people of the Internet didn't disappoint. They're posting their imaginative and funny photos using the #SleepyScott hashtag.

Scroll down to see some of the hilarious results.

1. Here, kitty.

2. Attention!

3. Don't look just now.

4. Seeing double, triple, quadruple ...

5. Eeeeep!

6. Not the only sleepy head.

7. Vehicle switch.

8. ShamWow!

9. We've got company.


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