This Guy Got The Most Epic Cover-Up Of A Tattoo Of His Ex-Wife's Face

As final as the ink on his divorce papers.

There's one pretty hard and fast rule about tattoos and it is this: never, ever, EVER get someone's name or face tattooed on your body unless it's a blood relative or a dead friend. In all other cases, it's considered the kiss of death for the relationship, the ultimate and unforgivable slap in the face of Fate that demands punishment.

Some people, however, just have to break this rule. They soon find that they are left with little more than bad memories permanently etched into their brains, their bank accounts, and, worst of all, their flesh.

There's not much in the way of recourse once you have an unwanted tattoo. Removal is slow, painful, and expensive and comes with no guarantees. That leaves cover-ups. Problem is, only thing you can cover ink with is ... more ink. It's gotta be worth it.

Well, one Redditor showed just how worth it a tattoo cover-up can be.

SomeJagaloon shared this amazing picture on Imgur and Reddit under the title "My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex wife!" and it definitely sums up some of the bitterness that might remain embedded in the ink after a relationship implodes. 

According to the poster, the cover-up tattoo was done by Jojo Ackerman at Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery in Sherman Oaks, Calif.


Ackerman showed the before and after pics on his Instagram page — you've got to admit, it's pretty epic.

Ever get a tattoo covered up? Let's see the damage in the comments below!


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