Let's Join Alex Chacon On His Journey As He Sets Out On Part Two Of His Epic Selfies Series

This makes us want to travel so bad!

We first met Alex Chacon when he released his viral sensation "Around The World In 360°" in 2014.


It had 12 million views on YouTube and gave the term "selfie" new meaning. 

Now Chacon is back for part two of his series where he travels from Times Square to Morocco to Venice and more.

According to his bio, Chacon originally began traveling after he sold all of his belongings, picked up a selfie stick, grabbed a motorcycle and set out on a 125,000+ mile journey.

So far, Chacon has traveled through more than 41 countries and has certainly met some interesting folks.

He also has developed a few other cool series, such as this one where he travels from Argentina to Alaska.


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