19 Building Contractors Who Totally Lack All Common Sense

How does this even happen?

Not everyone is a Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it, but even a "Construction For Dummies" guide couldn't teach these geniuses common sense. 

Just take a look at these 19 epic construction fails. They're not just dumb, they're advanced dumb.


1. The only way to reach this balcony is to climb the drainpipe.

2. If you're late for class, use the top door.

3. Of course a chair is better than stairs.

4. This seems very safe.

5. Not a big fan of this.

6. It's a trap!

7. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

8. Killing two birds with one stone.

9. This would make for an awkward conversation.

10. Don't drink the water.

11. Talk about doing something half-a$$ed.

12. For really tall people, maybe.

13. Bear right.

14. How bad are your tickets?

15. Don't even bother clearing the snow.

16. Maybe you can fit if you parallel park.

17. What a great place for grass.

18. Who is this gate stopping?

19. An actual bridge to nowhere.

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