People Are Sending The EPA Cookies And Thank You Cards Expressing Their Gratitude

"You make the world better."

When employees showed up at the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington last week, they were treated to a sweet surprise. Literally.

A box of hundreds of cookies was delivered to the office. On the back of each cookie was a different message from strangers explaining how much the EPA means to them.

The Washington Post reports that the label read, "To: EPA Staff. From: America. Thank you so much for all you do. You save lives. You make the world better."

The cookies were supplied by Mess Hall, a food-based community in Washington that encourages sharing and collaborating. And these two concepts are very much a part of the cookies that were delivered to the EPA staff.

The notes on the back of the cookies are from people who are passionate about the environment and who are grateful for all of the ways the Environmental Protection Agency has improved the world. 

One person wrote on the back of their cookie, "As an asthmatic, I have to say that not having summer days where you can see the air, and where I have no choice but to spend the day on the floor gasping for breath, is greatly appreciated."

The messages are from people across the country, and each of their stories is unique. However, what they have in common is that they're all environmentalists who have come together to support the EPA and express their gratitude for what the organization has done.


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