Mom Starts Her Own Business After Struggling To Find A Bikini For Her Pregnancy Scars

Way to go!

Saying that pregnancy flips a woman's life 180 degrees would probably still be an understatement. Both her day-to-day and her body undergo a complex series of changes.

28-year-old Altrichia Cook, who goes by A.Lekay, realized that the world around her wasn't necessarily adequately prepared for those changes while browsing for the perfect swimsuit to sport while on vacation in Puerto Rico.


According to Cook's website, she "wanted to feel both sexy and beach appropriate, while [simultaneously] and discretely covering abdominal imperfections of bearing her first born."

Sadly, all she was offered were one piece bikinis and monokinis — two polar opposites in terms of coverage. Unhappy with the lack of middle ground, Cook took the matter into her hands and designed her own swimsuit.

She opted for a '50s-inspired high waist design that covered her pregnancy scars, but also made her feel sexy.

After posting her unique beachwear to social media, Cook was swarmed by questions and inquiries. So she did what every smart woman would do — started a company.

Cook's brand Allusions by A.Lekay focuses on creating body-positive swimwear for all types of figures. Their signature? Bold patterns and high waists.

Cook says she wants to provide women of all ages with the opportunity of "to flaunt their fashion sense and not blend in at their water endeavours."

So glam!

So far, Allusions by A.Lekay has only received positive responses from the community, with moms all over the world rejoicing wearing chic two-pieces again.

Nicki Minaj even sported one of A.Lekay's suits on Cosmopolitan's July cover, pushing the brand even further into the spotlight.

Just more that dreams do come true when you set your goals and work hard to achieve them.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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