This Woman Won't See 'Entourage' Even If You Paid Her $9,999

Crying from laughter.

Wendy Molyneux, a writer on "Bob's Burgers," really doesn't want to see the
"Entourage" movie. In fact, she hated the HBO series so much that she won't even see the feature-length version unless somebody put $10,000 on the table.  

So, just for fun, she set up a gofundme drive to see if the citizens of the Internet cared enough to make it worth her while.

If you know me at all, you know there are two things I hate: pediatric cancers and the television show Entourage. I am attempting to raise 10K to donate to CureSearch. Find out more about CureSearch here. In exchange for that I will go see the movie Entourage. Watch the terrifying preview of Entourage here. It's just that simple. Please give five dollars or ten thousand dollars. Or please don't because I really don't want to see Entourage.

Molyneux told The Hollywood Reporter that she figured she'd get a couple laughs and a few hundred dollars from friends. She'd donate that money to CureSearch and move on with her life — avoiding the dreaded movie as planned.

"If I make $9,999, will I see Entourage?" She asks her potential donors. "No, no I won't. I hope you don't give any money, honestly, because of how much I hate Entourage."

She has already raised more than twice that amount which means she will now have to see the movie twice.  

Perhaps the best part of this whole story is the fact that Jerry Ferrara, the actor who is best known for playing "Turtle" in the series, made a donation of $1,500. He even included a sweet little message hoping she enjoys the movie (which, we're guessing, is highly unlikely). 


Although this is quite possibly the funniest gofundme campaign we've ever seen, it has a very serious cause at the root of it. Molyneux's choice to donate all funds to CureSearch was intentional and she will be making the donation in honor of her nephew, Oliver (pictured below in blue) who died of Leukemia at the age of five.

And so she signs off: 

Okay, it's your decision. Cancer and me not seeing Entourage, or forcing me to see Entourage in a THEATER FULL OF PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE ENTOURAGE and money to cure pediatric cancers. 


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