The World's Biggest Wind Farm Just Started Generating Electricity

“Operating a wind farm this far offshore is unprecedented."

On Monday, parts of the biggest wind farm in the world began generating electricity.

50 of the 174 wind turbines in the Hornsea One wind farm came online, generating enough power to provide electricity to 287,000 homes. When it's fully operational with all 174 wind turbines churning, which will happen sometime next year, it's expected to generate enough power for one million homes. 

The wind farm sits 75 miles off the coast of Grimsby, UK, making it unusual not just for its size but its distance from land. Teams will be tending to the new operating wind turbines on four-week rotations, according to Gizmodo.


"Operating a wind farm this far offshore is unprecedented," David Coussens, the deputy operating manager of Hornsea One wind farm, told Offshore Wind. "We've had to think creatively and come up with new ways of working to overcome the logistical and technical challenges of operating a massive power station 120 km from the shore, about the same distance as Grimsby to Leeds!"

The second biggest wind farm in the world is the Walney Extension, also off the coast of England but in the Irish Sea. The Walney Extension consists of 87 turbines and some are as tall as 640 feet, according to Business Insider. Still, that farm is about half the size of the Hornsea One.

England continues to set the pace for other countries on wind farm capacity, and this latest piece of news is a reminder of how quickly it is moving its electrical grid to renewable energy. With its continued success, other countries may follow suit and try to build the infrastructure to match its renewable energy power.


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