There's A Hidden Symbol Of Love In This Couple's Engagement Photo

Can you spot it?

Iowa couple Ryan Moon and Haley Smith were working as clerks at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, when they met and began dating three and a half years ago. So when Moon decided to propose, it only felt right to do so right in front of the building where their love story began. 


For many couples, that'd already be proof enough they were meant to be. However, when Moon and Smith looked back at the engagement photo taken by Smith's stepmother, Maggie Smith-Fitzgerald, they noticed an unexpected, hidden symbol of their love. 

Can you spot it? 

Photo Credit: Maggie Smith-Fitzgerald Courtesy of Haley Smith

If you look at their shadows, you'll see a little heart.  

"We were both in awe and shock," Haley Smith told A Plus of the moment they noticed the heart. They said to themselves, "What are the odds of a heart forming!" Their family and friends were also "really excited" about the heart, but they weren't the only ones. 

In a Reddit post that has now gone viral, Moon shared the picture and love story with interested commenters from all over the world. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of people sharing their own engagement stories, as well some who said the picture had restored their faith in real, true love. "It's really surreal to hear that from strangers," Moon told the Des Moines Register

" We didn't realize so many people would also think how incredible it was.... Ryan woke me up at midnight to explain me that we were the top post on Reddit and were going viral," Smith explained to A Plus. "He told me some of the top comments, and I thought how sweet it was strangers wishing us congrats and good luck!"

"A picture can really say 1,000 words," Moon added to the Des Moines Register. "... Engagements are usually kind of a lot of the same, but just having something unique in there makes it our own."

Though the couple has yet to set a date for their wedding — wanting to give themselves a few days over the holiday weekend "to relax and let it sink in" — they plan to have it in Smith's hometown Okoboji. 


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