Here's What It Would Look Like If You Could Turn The Sound Of Your Voice Into A Piece Of Jewelry

See what "I love you" looks like on your finger.

What would it look like if you could turn the sound of your voice into a piece of jewelry? 

One Japanese company called Encode Ring has developed a 3D-printed ring designed in the shape of the sound wave produced by your very own voice. The result is an incredibly beautiful and unique product for each and every customer.

According to DesignTaxi, the product was inspired by a March 14 celebration called White Day, where men in such countries as Japan, Taiwan, China, and South Korea, present gifts to their loved ones.

"We all have feelings that we'd like to communicate, even though we can't normally talk about them," it says on the website. "They sound like a platitude when put it into writing and can't be told in your own words."

Encode Ring prompts customers to record a three second message, in their own voice, onto their website. That recording is then translated into a visual sound wave to be used as the design for a platinum, gold, stainless steel, or silver ring. Trying it is so much fun, you won't want to stop. 


"The company is looking to adapt the same kind of printing technology for other types of product, like recording audio from live concerts to immortalize performances," CNET reports

Needless to say, the Encode Ring is not only unique, but it's one message that your friend, family member, significant other — or whomever you give it to — can have forever. 

Courtesy of Encode Ring


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