25 Empowering Gifts For Girls Who Are Tired Of Being Called 'Princess'

It's never too early to show a girl what she has the power to do.

For far too long, the toy aisle has reflected gender stereotypes that limit both boys and girls. Toy stores and packaging has divided what boys and girls "should" play with. They use labels, colors, and photos of kids to make it clear who toys are for, even though boys and girls can obviously have the same interests. Toys may be gender neutral in and of themselves, but the way that they've been traditionally marketed has encouraged boys and girls to go for different things

However, in recent years, more toys have become available that encourage girls to explore all kinds of interests. And, while girls have the power to do anything they set their mind to, they sometimes need a little help figuring out what their options are. A great gift can go a long way to helping them. 


Girls should be encouraged to play with different kinds of toys and games so that they can develop different skills and passions. Get her a toy that gets her excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), or one that shows her she can be a CEO one day, or one that encourages her to unleash her inner artist. 

We rounded up some toys, books, and games that are perfect for empowering the girls in your life. 

1. A littleBits Rule Your Room Kit to excite her about inventing and encourage her interest in STEM.

2. An Osmo Genius Kit to foster creativity in art, math, wordplay, and problem-solving.

Get it on Amazon for $66.99

3. A GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank set to help her develop spatial skills, understand basic engineering principles, and gain confidence in problem-solving.

4. "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" so she can read 100 bedtime stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women.

Get it on Amazon for $35

5. An IlluStory Create Your Own Book Kit so she can write and illustrate her own story.

Get it on Amazon for $29

6. A LEGO Women of NASA Building Kit that celebrates groundbreaking women in STEM.

7. A poster she can wake up to every day that reminds her who run the world.

Get it on Etsy for $10

8. A "Rosie Revere, Engineer" book to show her the importance of believing in yourself and pursuing your passions.

9. A Young Architects kit so she can learn real drafting skills and use a 3D model to bring her design ideas to life.

Get it from Toys R Us for $79.99.

10. A Piper Computer Kit so she can assemble her very own computer.

Get it on Amazon for $239

11. A Crayola Inspiration Kit to help her unleash her inner artist.

12. "The Care & Keeping of You" book to teach girls about their changing bodies.

13. A necklace that reminds her of the power of feminism.

Get it on Etsy for $24.

14. eeBoo Create and Tell Me A Story Cards to help her build critical thinking skills and explore her imagination.

15. A shirt that shows her she has a bright future ahead of her.

Get it on Etsy for $15.99

16. A "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" Rey of Jakku and BB-8 Adventure Set so she can play with a strong woman who stands for the force of good.

17. A My Comic Book Making Kit to inspire her to dream up a powerful heroine.

18. A handmade superhero rag doll with her name embroidered on the cape to show her she has extraordinary abilities, too.

Get it on Etsy for $89.

19. A Big Bag Of Science so she can set up her own science lab and experiment with 70 different activies.

20. A Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set to teach her the basics of coding.

Get it on Amazon for $39

21. A Robotime DIY Dollhouse Kit to encourage imaginative play and inspire her to love making things herself.

22. A Doc McStuffins Chief Resident doll to practice check-ups and rescues and encourage her to think about a future in medicine.

23. A Lottie doll specifically designed to resemble a young girl’s proportions to help instill self-confidence.

24. The Yoga Garden Game to help her learn classic yoga postures and even invent her own.

25. A Memorex SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System to encourage her to find her voice.


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