Female Celebrities Were Asked To Discuss Body-Shaming And Feminism. Their Responses Are So Good.

Right on.

This past Sunday, we watched some historic moments unfold at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards: Viola Davis' Emmy for her role in ABC's How to Get Away with Murder was the first granted to an African American woman for outstanding actress in a drama, and Jeffrey Tambor's win for lead actor playing a transgendered character in Amazon's Transparent was also a first. 

But even with these progressive steps, society still has a long way to go to create an even playing field for all. SheKnows, a YouTube channel that "seeks to empower women," decided to head to the red carpet to find out what some actresses think about that what it means to be a woman in today's world. 

Specifically, the actresses were asked where they think body-shaming comes from, and if they can define feminism in one sentence. Their answers vary, and all make good points. 

Check out a few of their answers below: 


On body-shaming, the women were asked: "Who do you think is to blame? Men, women the media?"

"The media. We'll go with the least controversial answer." — Mayim Bialik 

"I think it starts in yourself. You gotta find the confidence within yourself first, because people can say whatever they want. But you have to be confident within yourself to know you are beautiful just the way you are, and let the haters do what they do." — Danielle Brooks 

"I think it's everybody. i think everyone is responsible for whether it's body weight, skin color, culture shaming... all of that. I think we're all responsible in some way and contribute to that nonsense." — Teyonah Parris 

On feminism, the women were asked: "Can you define feminism, in your terms, in one sentence?"

"I think the definition of feminism is just equal rights and equal opportunities, and general equality for both sexes." — Rebecca Rittenhouse 

"It means an intersectional equality for all people." — Dylan Gelula 

Watch SheKnows' video below to see the variety of responses:

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