With Ellen In Her Ear, Emma Watson Participates In A Hilarious Hidden Camera Prank

"I like to go potty alone."

"I like to go potty alone," Emma Watson tells a potential new nanny during an interview session.

But she isn't exactly conducting the interview alone — Ellen DeGeneres dictates the conversation via Watson's ear piece. Luckily for us, we get to witness the entire prank through a hidden camera

During the interview, Watson — who's interviewing the nanny for herself, not for any children — begins the conversation by asking the woman to talk about herself. DeGeneres quickly stops that by asking Emma to interrupt and direct the discussion back to herself. 

Afterward, DeGenres paints Watson as particularly picky, telling the nanny that she doesn't like crusts on her sandwiches, among other personal preferences. Watson also must add that she hopes that she and the nanny can be like family. 

"And the family that laughs together, stays together," DeGeneres says, with Watson repeating.

Hilarity ensues throughout the remainder of the interview, with Watson holding back laughter and smiles. That's another successful Ellen prank in the books.

Check it out in full below:



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