Watch Emma Watson Answer Some Very Clever Questions From Kids

"Who would win in a fight — Harry Potter or Darth Vader?"

We already knew actress Emma Watson gave some great advice, but how would she fare in an interview conducted by some of her youngest and most curious fans?

As shown by this new video from Entertainment Weekly, the answer is very well indeed. The magazine gathered video questions from a few inquisitive kids, most of them (unsurprisingly) having something to do with either Beauty and the Beast or Harry Potter — with a little Star Wars thrown in.

Seven-year-old Audrey, who loves to read just like Belle, asked the actress what her favorite books were growing up. In addition to Roald Dahl, Watson recalled that her father read her the Harry Potter books before she starred in the films. 

"So my idea of how all of the characters sounded, and all of their accents were, and what Hermione should be like was really from my dad reading me those books," she explained. "Those were very special to me."

Watson also revealed the very special person she would like to have over as a guest, and we have a feeling quite a few people would agree: "Michelle Obama. Just for a quick chat. Just for a quick pep talk. That would be great."


Check out all of Watson's answers in the video below:

Watch Watson give advice in an unusual way in the video below:


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