Emma Watson's Acting Skills Are Even More Impressive When You See What The Beast Looked Like Pre-CGI

"Emma Watson deserves an Oscar for not laughing in every scene at the beast with no CGI."

From powerful speeches at the U.N. on human rights, to winning MTV's first genderless acting award, to skillfully responding to sexist criticism, Emma Watson never ceases to give us a reason to look up to her. She's made us laugh with a hilarious hidden camera prank, made us "aww" at her responses to kids' clever questions, and made us smile by surprising strangers with feminist books at landmarks of women's history

Clearly, Watson constantly gives us lots of reasons to be impressed by her many talents, but we'll pass along one more. Recently, Twitter has been buzzing with amazement at her ability to expertly act alongside a CGI-less Beast. 


Dan Stevens, who played the titular monster alongside Watson in Beauty and the Beast, wore a 40-pound, gray padded onesie covered in marker dots as well as a matching cap and stilts. After seeing what it looked like, it's pretty damn impressive that he was able to dance around in that thing — and that Watson was able to put on such an impressive performance alongside him without breaking character and laughing the entire time. 

Yeah, we know, it's their jobs and all. But come on, look at this thing. 

The film came out back in March and we've known all along that some serious CGI was used on to create Stevens's Beast character. However, behind-the-scenes footage was recently released which gave people the full effect of his pre-CGI look, and proved what pros both Stevens and Watson are. 

The footage has since been taken down from YouTube, but people on Twitter have been still been sharing gifs and images of the suit. Many have remarked on how impressive the acting was given the ridiculous pre-CGI suit and a few memes have come out of the photos, of course. 


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