Mini Belle And The Beast Ask Emma Watson And Dan Stevens The Tough Questions

Like looking in a (magic) mirror.

We've already seen Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson answer questions from her youngest fans, but things got even cuter when she and her co-star Dan Stevens came face to face with kid versions of their characters.

In a new video from Disney UK, "Mini Belle" and "Mini Beast," dressed in their finest ballroom dancing costumes, sit down for an interview with the stars, and it's like they're looking in a (magic) mirror. Their real names are Olivia and Ted, and they ask Watson and Stevens some hard-hitting questions, such as which other character in the movie they would each like to play. 

"I'd love to play Belle. Look at that dress," Stevens says, pointing to Olivia and noticing that she's wearing "cool, practical boots" with the look. "That's very your Belle," he says to Watson, and she agrees, giving the little Belle a high-five. (For the record, Watson says she would play the Beast.)

Both actors also admit that they found singing in the film much for nerve-racking than acting, as neither of them had sung in a movie before — although you'd never know it from hearing them.


Check out the whole adorable interview in the video below:

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

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