Emma Stone Can Do A Killer Britney Spears Impression And 72 Other Things We Learned From This Video

She can also do a pretty cool magic trick.

By now, you've probably seen at least one of Vogue's famous "73 Questions" interviews, where a reporter follows a celebrity around with a camera and asks them 73 rapid-fire questions. In the past, they've interviewed James Corden, Serena Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many other celebrities. In the latest installment, Emma Stone walks us through her Los Angeles home as she reveals the first thing she did that morning, her favorite movie plot twist, and her spirit animal. 

Her responses are informative, humorous, and interesting, but it's her actions that had us the most entertained. Throughout the course of the nine-minute video, she does an impressive Britney Spears impression, shows off her favorite dance move, fails at playing the recorder, and shows us two magic tricks. 

That said, we've rounded up some of our favorite responses from her interview. 


"Name one thing you can't live without."

"Love, in whatever form that takes."

"What have you learned about being an actress?"

"A lot of things. Mostly that if you take care of yourself and pay attention, the better you'll be."

"What's your favorite dance move?"

"I'm so glad you asked that."

"What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?"

"One day at a time."

"What advice would you give your teenage self?"

"Stop with the self-tanner. It's enough."

You can watch the whole video (and listen to her Spears impression) below:


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