She Can't Read Or Write, But That Makes Her Perfect For Her Job

This girl shreds. Literally.

Queensland, Australia resident Jo Lynam's 21-year-old daughter Emma has autism, Down syndrome and a cleft palate. She can neither read nor write. Like many parents, Lynam worried about her daughter's future and hoped that one day she'd be able to gain basic reading and writing skills, and be able to take care of herself after she was gone.


Emma was never able to gain those skills, but that, combined with a peculiar interest, made her perfect for one very particular job ...

Because Emma can't read or write, she was the perfect candidate to destroy sensitive and classified documents for a credit union: a job particularly suitable for her because she also loves doing it.

Emma now owns her own shredding business in north Queensland.

"If I look at this from the perspective of confidential documents that's great, she can't read it," Jo Lynam told ABC Open about Emma's new business, Master Shredders. "You could put a state secret in front of her and she won't know."

Here's how Emma took her challenges and made them into opportunities:


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