17 Beautiful Words To Describe Love That Don't Exist In The English Language

How many times has 'kilig' happened to you?

When you're in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops, write it on the (Facebook) walls, whisper gently into strangers' ears — do anything it takes to let the world know you've finally found that special someone and you're not letting them get away easily.

So don't you think a feeling like that deserves more than those old-fashioned three syllables?

Good thing UK-based illustrator Emma Block and jewelry brand Vashi created a list of untranslatable words of love from around the world

Consisting of 29 foreign phrases in total, it's a wonderful source for those wanting to take a breather from the usual I love yous. Check out our favorites below!


1. Dor — the sense of longing when separated from that which you love.

2. Firgun — the simple, unselfish joy that something good has happened to someone else.

3. Flechazo — an arrow shot, love at first sight.

4. Forelsket — the euphoria of falling in love.

5. Gezelligheid — the warmth of being with loved ones.

6. Hai shi shan meng — the promise of eternal love.

7. Iktsuarpok — the sense of anticipation as you wait for someone to visit.

8. Kilig — the giddiness you feel when meeting your crush.

9. Koi no yokan — when you meet someone and know you are destined to fall in love.

10. Manabamate — the lack of appetite you suffer when falling in love.

11. Mo chuisle mo chroi — the pulse of my heart.

12. Naz — the pride you feel from being in love.

13. Odnoliub — someone that only has one love in their life.

14. Onsra — the bittersweet feeling that love won't last.

15. Retrouvailles — the feeling of joy when you are reunited with a loved one after a long separation.

16. Viraha — the realization of love through separation.

17. Zhi zi zhi shou, yu zi xie lao — to hold hands and grow old together.

Feeling anything similar? Let the object of your affection know!

Didn't find a word to suit your emotions? Check out this project by Marija Tiurina that features 13 words with no direct equivalents in the English language and maybe you'll find one.


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