Airplane Slices Through Clouds Creating An Effect So Insane, You Won't Believe It's Real


The feeling of moving through clouds is likely familiar to anyone who has ridden a plane, but visualizing this movement from the outside is understandably more difficult to do. 


Luckily, when Airbus A380 cut through some clouds on its return trip from Dubai, someone was there to capture it on film.

Seeing an Airbus A380 cut through the sky is particularly spectacular since it is the world's largest commercial passenger plane. 

The footage, taken on December 31 by YouTuber Schipholhotspot, does not include an exact location in its video description, but Laughing Squid mentions that Schipholhotspot frequently shoots airplane videos at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. 

Just look at that ripple effect...

...and how the clouds continue to curl even after the plane has gone.

Now, check out this video taken by Schipholhotspot on the same day. 

The China Southern Airbus 330 Is almost as good at cutting through clouds as the Airbus A380.

Pretty amazing stuff, huh? 

(H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks

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