Fitness Blogger Has The Best Response To Critics Who Said Pregnancy Would 'Ruin' Her Body

"I’m absolutely blown away by my body because it grew a human and is still making food for that human."

Mothers across the globe understand that pregnancy causes irrevocable changes throughout the body. But, when one Australian fitness blogger found herself on the receiving end of harsh criticism, she decided to use her platform to show followers the side of women's postpartum recovery few get to see up close and personal.

As Emily Skye told her 2.4 million followers, countless people have made remarks about how pregnancy would impact her body and her business in the months leading up to her daughter's birth. "People said things like: 'Your body is ruined now.' 'You'll never be the same.' 'Let's see what happens to your body once you have a baby.' 'You'll bounce back,'" she wrote on Instagram

"People always have something to say and there will always be naysayers so you should stop listening to them. I'm happy, I feel great, and I'm getting fitter and stronger every day," she added as she marveled at what the female body can do. "I'm absolutely blown away by my body because it grew a human and is still making food for that human."


"Guess what else! I actually love my body more than ever now (so does @recdedmond) and I've never felt more confident," Skye said. "Love yourself no matter what, choose to be your best and never doubt yourself - you most certainly can look and feel amazing whether you've had a baby or not!"

Having given birth in December, Skye has been documenting her postpartum fitness journey on her Instagram account to show critics and supporters alike that pregnancy changes your body, but it doesn't have to ruin your body if you work hard to reach your goals. You merely need to focus, have patience, and remain dedicated. After all, her most recent side-by-side comparison proves her hard work has paid off.

"I'm still blown away by what the human body is capable of and how it can transform," Skye said in an earlier post, which featured a comparative video of her body six weeks after giving birth versus 20 weeks postpartum. "It hasn't been easy and there have been many hurdles since starting my postpartum journey but that's life for you! - You've just gotta pick yourself up and keep going!"

"It's all about living a healthy and active lifestyle - something you can happily maintain," she added.

Skye has also makes sure to share the more intimate details of her body's evolution, as many followers have commented to complain about how she has no loose skin or stretch marks when, in fact, she does when you zoom in close to her abs.

"What you don't see in the left pic is my cellulite & loose/stretched skin. So I zoomed in to show you in high definition!" she wrote in July, when she was 6.5 months postpartum. "In certain lighting and positions you can see them but most of the time you can't. The more you look for these so called 'flaws' in yourself or others the more you'll find! My advice is to stop looking for them!"

"I couldn't care less if my tummy stays like this forever - I'm proud of my body and love it for everything it does, ESPECIALLY for growing my little Mia. Some stretch marks, loose skin, or cellulite don't make me love my body any less - quite the opposite actually," Skye explained.

"Striving for mental and physical health and being the best I can is my priority and I hope it's your priority too. Remember, it's not about who has it worse or who has it "easy" - those arguments will never help you, in fact they usually become excuses that prevent you from working towards the things you really want in life. Don't give up on yourself before you even try!"

Ultimately, Skye wants anyone and everyone who looks to her for inspiration and guidance to recognize that they are worthy no matter their size and that they should be proud of every goal they accomplish.

"Dont compare your journey, body, life etc. to anyone else's - focus on your own journey and be proud of everything you achieve. You are capable and you are worthy."


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