This Chiropractor's Viral Parenting Hack Can Help Prevent Injuries

"It's a completely different change."

It's important parents choose safe car seats for their kids, but it is also important they consider their own safety when handling such equipment. When a car seat isn't lifted or carried properly, it can cause strain on the back, shoulders, and hips, which can lead to injuries. 

To ensure parents have good form, chiropractor Emily Puente of Bridge Family Chiropractic in Mansfield, Texas, posted a Facebook video on April 28 showing the correct way to lift and carry a car seat. Her post recently went viral again after being shared by Distractify


Now Puente's video, which demonstrates a unique carrying technique most parents haven't tried, has over 5 million views.

While most people lug car seats around in the crook of their elbow, Puente provides a different method. She begins by placing the car seat so the baby is facing her. She instructs viewers to take the hand that is closest to the car seat and loop it around the handle. Then, twist the hand to grab the side of the car seat for a firm grip. The carrier is then able to stand up using their feet to lift the car seat,  as opposed to their back.

The benefit of the technique is that it prevents strain on various parts of the body including the hip, upper back, and elbow.

"As soon as we switch to this [technique], it’s a completely different change in how I’m using my body to be able to use and distribute weight from this carrier when carrying it around," explains the chiropractic in the video.

After the video went viral, parents from around the world commented on how they want to try the hack. Some have loved it, while others have said they experienced some discomfort. To address those issues, Puente wrote in an updated post that her hack is not a one-size-fits-all, as car seats have a variety of makes and models. 

While it might be beneficial to the majority of people out there, Puente recommends that people consult a medical professional before they try the hack. 

Puente also states that the ideal choice for carrying a baby outside of the car is to hold them or use babywear.

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