These Kickass Pins Celebrate Your Everyday Triumphs That Don't Get The Recognition They Deserve

"It's funny how the things that require the most courage on a daily basis often go unrecognized."

"It's funny how the things that require the most courage on a daily basis often go unrecognized."

That's the description you'll find on Emily McDowell's collection of "Everyday Bravery" pins. The Los Angeles-based designer's line of colorful pins help give people a little credit to declare the personal victories that aren't often celebrated.

The 24 pins McDowell currently sells cover everything from major moments like "Got Sober" and "Kicked Cancer's Ass," to smaller triumphs like "Picked My Battles" and "Took My Own Advice."

"We had trouble narrowing down to 24, and perhaps I shouldn't have included 'Drank Enough Water' in there, but dammit that is my personal Achilles heel in life," McDowell wrote on Instagram


McDowell sells the pins on her website, where customers can also buy greeting cards that say the things most other cards on the shelf don't. 

"This company was founded on the success of one card that spoke to a truth about relationships in a way that wasn't yet represented in [the] greeting card world, and that's what we most like to do here: identify universal, emotional truths and observations on being humans, and turn them into products that help people feel understood," it says on the company's website

In the past, we recognized McDowell's line of "Empathy Cards," which were created to help people better communicate how they feel when a loved one is sick or suffering. McDowell herself was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma when she was 24 years old, and, while she has been in remission for over a decade, the loneliness and isolation she felt during her difficult illness inspired the cards. 

"In order to write our Empathy Cards, which is probably the product we're best known for, I end up thinking a lot about the hardest parts of life," McDowell told Mashable. "[The pins are] all based around common human experiences that a lot of people go through."

"One of the most fun parts of selling them has been getting to see all the people posting pictures of the pins they've bought or gotten as gifts, and the stories behind them," McDowell continued

We can all relate to so many of the experiences these pins describe, and it's important to take time to celebrate those everyday triumphs. Birthdays and anniversaries are great and all, but we should recognize more difficult victories like "Survived Indescribable Grief" and "Accepted My Flaws" too.

(H/T: Mashable


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