Your Brain Will Thank You For These 17 Photos of Neatly Organized Things

Neat freaks will rejoice.

Food, feathers, scissors and rocks are just a few of the everyday items that Tennessee-based photographer Emily Blincoe carefully assorts by color, shape and size.

"You could take a photo of a bouquet of flowers, or you could spend five hours clipping the tops and arranging them by gradient," Blincoe told CNN. "It's just a different way of looking at something that other people aren't willing to put in the time for."

Blincoe's process of methodically organizing ordinary items in a soothing style is appropriately dubbed "organization porn." Because, of course.

Take a look at these colorful arrangements that prove beauty can be found in even the most ordinary objects: 


1. Salmonberries never looked this good.

2. A full course meal... for your eyes.

3. Rock on.

4. Say 'Cheese!'

5. A rainbow of Japanese maple leaves.

6. The elegance of spring in one photo.

7. Even first aid can look exquisite.

8. The aesthetics of used lollipops.

9. This photo is as light as a...

10. Good for your teeth, and your eyes.

11. An assortment that Mother Nature would be proud of.

12. It's.So.Pefect.

13. There's nothing sour about this.

14. Even dead hydrangeas look good.

15. This photo cuts right to it.

16. Do you want more pecans?

17. Playing with your food looks beautiful.

(H/T: BoredPanda)

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