This 11-Year-Old Girl's Cover Of 'Let Her Go' Is The Best You'll Hear

Her mom told A Plus about her incredible talent in a Facebook message

We get a lot of Facebook messages at A Plus, both on our page and privately, but late last night I stumbled across one that, for some reason, caught my attention. 

The message was from Cynthia Benato-Webb and it was attached to a video of a young girl holding a microphone. The message simply said:

"Hi Everyone. My little one has been bullied quite a bit this past year. One child even made horrible mean comments about her singing. I wanted to share this video so I could show her how many people would agree that both she and her voice are quite beautiful. Thank you!"

I watched the video. Then I watched it again, because I didn't believe it was real.

I was so blown away that I immediately sent the video to my girlfriend. She was as amazed as I was. I usually don't send out emails at 11 p.m., but I immediately reached out to Mrs. Benato-Webb to ask her about her daughter's incredible talent. 

This is the best part of working at A Plus: discovering people who just absolutely stun you with their talent, whether it's in singing or in filmmaking ... especially when they're young. 

Now we get to share an 11-year-old girl's absolutely amazing voice with you. 


This is 11-year-old Emily Benato.

Courtesy of Cynthia Webb-Benato

Emily is a sixth-grader in Roseville, Calif. We asked her mom some questions in an interview conducted over email. 

"She started singing years ago and hasn't stopped since! If she's awake, she's belting out a tune!" Cynthia Benato-Webb told us. "At first, she was very shy and would only sing in front of me. Eventually she got brave enough to sing in front of some of my friends. They were amazed at her talent and said that she 'gave them shivers.' They insisted that I get her into lessons and develop her natural talent. Once her Dad finally heard her sing for the first time he too was blown away."

Emily's natural ability is showcased in a few videos on her mother's YouTube channel, but it's her performance of Passenger's "Let Her Go" that we're sharing with you here. 

We think you'll be as wowed as we are by the maturity and richness in Emily's voice.

If you liked this, please tell Emily in the comments section and share this with your friends. 

For more, check out Emily on her mom's YouTube channel. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks to Cynthia Webb-Benato for sharing Emily's talent!


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