Emilia Clarke Really Enjoyed Watching Jon Snow Kick Ass On The Latest Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'


"And exhale."


Those were the words actress Emilia Clarke — who plays Daenerys Targaryen — wrote on Instagram after one of the most anticipated episodes of Game Of Thrones ever was over.

Everyone knew we were in for a huge battle, as the episode was called "Battle of The Bastards," and as is usual with anything GoT related, we didn't quite know how it would all turn out.

Actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, was truly impressed by the episode herself. She teased fans on Twitter before the battle aired, telling us it was "UNbelievable."

She was certainly right. It was everything we wished for as Jon Snow finally took on Ramsay Bolton in a battle for his home of Winterfell and justice for everyone Bolton had brutally killed.

It was nonstop action and Emilia Clarke, who just won a fiery battle of her own, was truly worried about her "kitten" Jon Snow heading into the battle.

After running through a hail of arrows, taking out numerous enemies, being surrounded by a phalanx of Bolton shields and certain death, and then fearlessly charging the walls of his former home to finally take out Ramsay, Clarke couldn't help but gush over her co-stars performance and the show we all have become addicted to.

She spoke in her post about how truly proud she was of the show's all-star cast, from behind the scenes to on screen. She wrote in the caption, "And exhale. It's episodes like tonight that make me SO GODDAMN PROUD to be a part of BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION! Fact. 👏🙌👏 Harington, Turner, Cunningham, Houton, Hivju, Rheon, Sapochnik, Weiss, Benioff, take your bow."

She also affectionately called Kit Harington her "kitten," and we are now so ready for these two to finally meet on the show. Here's to hoping that one day can happen.

In case you need a full review of the show, here's Ron Artest with a recap of all the best moments.

You can also watch a preview of the season finale of "GoT" below.


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