Emilia Clarke Wants To Be Jane Bond And Knows Exactly Who Her 'Bond Boy' Would Be

Another day, another awesome female Bond idea.

Even before official news broke that Daniel Craig was done playing James Bond, there was plenty of speculation on who might fill the role after him. Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and other devastatingly handsome English actors were tossed around as possibilities, but a far more interesting suggestion has recently picked up alongside them: why not make the next James Bond a Jane?

Prominent actresses such as Gillian Anderson and Priyanka Chopra have openly warmed to the idea of playing a female Bond, and considering the role has been filled by a man for 26 films across a half century, a big change is long overdue. Now Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones wants in on the action, and she already has a couple ideas for how her Bond film would look.

"I would love to play Jane Bond," she told the Daily Star in an interview. "My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it."

While a shift to Jane Bond might stir up a backlash on par to what's happened with the Ghostbusters reboot over the last year, truthfully there may be no actress better suited to weather that storm than Clarke. From powerful comments about Game of Thrones' alleged sexism to a push for more male nudity to balance the scales, she's historically maintained a strong resistance to being boxed in as a piece of eye candy on screen.

If there's to be a Jane Bond in the near future, she should be at the top of the casting list. You don't mess with The Unburnt.

(H/T: Vulture)

Cover image: GameofThrones via YouTube


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