This Phone Hack Lets You Review, Edit And Delete Unsatisfactory Voicemail Messages

Enough with the morning after regrets.

Everyone knows that leaving a proper voicemail message is easier said than done.

You assume all those years of social interactions online, as well as in person, made you sort of bulletproof to a simple chit-chat with a machine. You think that not having someone on the other end of the line will take out the pressure of stating your case.


Basically, you think you'll be sleek like Adele...

...When in reality, your mouth does this.

There's just something about that "beep" signal that makes all the sane, eloquent, pre-planned lines go away replacing it with a bunch of gibberish.

But not to worry! Imgur user cigarguy007 has recently shared a nifty solution to all your regretful voicemail problems.

"We've all done it. You're leaving a tipsy message for your ex, and halfway through you realize the terrible hell it will bring on. Have no fear!" he writes.

Apparently, most carriers allow users to cancel, review, edit and delete recorded messages by simply tapping a designated button on their keypads.

By hitting the * button on your keypad, you will cancel the recorded message. To review, edit, or delete the voicemail, tap # and select the following action.


Per cigarguy007, this method is especially useful when "you bung-up a message for a prospective employer; you're tongue-tied and caught off-guard when you had been hoping to ask some cute girl out for coffee; you're in the middle of telling Travolta where to find Mia Wallace when you come to your senses and realize it's just better he never know."

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