College-Level A Cappella Group Arranges Their Own Haunting Version Of Sia's 'Chandelier'

Nailed it.

When you take away Sia's quirky performance antics, strip away instrumentals, and highlight pure vocals, you end up with one intrinsically beautiful rendition of the popular song "Chandelier." 

And that's just what college-level a cappella group Twisted Measure did. Their cover of the song is done in such a way that, as the final note fades out, you'll be left completely speechless. 

(Scroll down for video to hear for yourself.) 


Founded in 1999, Twisted Measure is Elon University's first co-ed a cappella group.

"I think with Twisted Measure in particular, the family dynamic of the group is what brings the music to life," the group's president, junior Tyler Meacham, tells A Plus.

"What's great about a cappella is that while there is a soloist for every song, the group is there to support that soloist... I think that's a really unique image."

In their latest cover of Sia's "Chandelier," senior Abby Franklin performs a captivating solo against equally gorgeous harmonies. 

"Let everything about sharing music, audience energy and the sheer vulnerability that comes with exposing your voice totally consume you," she says.

Moreover, all of Twisted Measure's songs are arranged by members of the group.

In this case, Elon alum Kyle Whitaker arranged "Chandelier."

Watch the full cover below (and keep it on repeat):

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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