Kind Cafe Employee Gets A Huge Surprise From College Students

It's her dream come true.

Kathryn Thompson, an employee at a cafe at Elon University in North Carolina, is going to Disney World. And, thanks to the generosity of a loving community, she won't have to pay a dime.

Lucy Smith-Williams and Taylor Zisholtz, two students who spoke to Elon Local News in a video interview uploaded to YouTube, explained that Thompson is constantly working. But more importantly, Thompson invests in getting to know the students and people around her.

That warmth and kindness motivated the students to initiate a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send Thompson on her dream vacation — Disney World.

"When she said 'it's my dream,' I thought well there's 6,000 people here with at least a dollar," Zisholtz told ELN. "We could probably make this happen."


Over 300 people donated to the campaign, raising over $7,000 in less than 30 days.

The next step? Surprise Thompson.

The announcement, captured in ELN's video, brought Thompson to tears. She said can't wait to see her grandson's eyes when she tells him the news.

"Smith-Williams and Zisholtz first learned of Thompson's dream to go to Disney World in September, when she told the pair that her grandson who has autism loves Mickey Mouse, and she has always wanted to take him to the theme park," The Huffington Post wrote.

"Well, they know I don't have it to take 'em, you know," Thompson said in regards to having wanted to bring her family to Disney for some time. "But it's always been a dream of mine," she added.

Thompson plans to bring her son, daughter-in-law and her two grandsons, according to ELN.

Be sure to watch the heartwarming surprise below:


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