16 Love Sayings From Around The World That Show Just How Complicated Falling For Someone Can Be

If you "bite the metal sheet" in Greece, you have a crush on someone.

Love is a confusing, complicated language to navigate and it knows no borders. Every country has its own unique idioms when it comes to love. Seeing a green bird may not mean much to us in the United States, but in Brazil it means to "smile because you are falling in love." 

To help us learn more about the language of love around the globe, jewelry brand Vashi collaborated with artist Elly Walton to create a series of illustrations that show us love idioms from different countries.

"We ran a campaign last year about untranslatable love words, and whilst we were doing the research we kept coming across idioms and proverbs to do with love as well," Jessica Smith, online marketing manager at Vashi told A Plus. "We've been meaning to create some illustrations for these for a while. Now that the sun has come out and Summer is on its way we thought it was the perfect time to spread a little love!" 

You can check them out below: 


1. "Wearing bean pods in your eyes."

2. "To drag a wing."

3. "To bite the metal sheet."

4. "To have eaten a monkey."

5. "Dry firewood meets a flame."

6. "To fall like a pine tree."

7. "A flower on a high peak."

8. "To have seen the green bird."

9. "Like hibiscus rising out of water."

10. "The tomatoes have faded."

11. "A little mango."

12. "A piece of the moon."

13. "Swallowed like a postman's sock."

14. "To smell mint towards."

15. "Re-heated cabbage."

16. "To be hit by a rake."


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