This Video Will Make You Remember Your First Kiss

You will ache for your childhood after this.

YouTuber HeyHarmony posted this adorable video of her 5-year-old son Elliot and his six-year-old friend Bowie, sharing a moment that might make you envious of their youth.

The video asks a question that could ignite nostalgia in even the most cynical of people.


"Do you remember how you felt when you had your first kiss?"

"This was captured by accident, in its most innocent form. If only it could be this way every time...," writes Elliot's mom in her video description. 

Yes, indeed. If only.

The video captures the genuine innocence of the first sparks of longing that accompany love.

A year later, a second video of Elliot and Bowie was posted.

It's nice to see they both remembered the significance of the place.

Please share this with the people you love. And try to make every kiss feel like a first kiss.


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