Comedian Speaks Up For Child-Free Women Everywhere With Tongue-In-Cheek Photos

You can't go wrong with napping and wine.

The latest viral craze sweeping Facebook in the U.K. is the motherhood challenge. Women who are tagged are challenged to post photo collages that display their pride in being mothers and to ask others to do the same.

But some childless women have described being unsettled by the craze.

"If you have a campaign or challenge, it should be inclusive — this is dividing women again," 45-year-old Berenice Smith told BBC News. "As soon as you put in the word 'mother,' you are alienating one in five women."

Ellie Taylor, a popular comedian in Essex, was tagged in a friend's completed motherhood challenge with the expectation that she would respond with her own child-filled photo gallery. Taylor, however, is childless.

The comedian responded brilliantly to the unwanted tag with a photo collection she dubbed the "non-motherhood challenge." It showed her napping with a bottle of wine.


Her ingenious post went viral on Facebook.

"I had no idea it would be seen by so many people," Taylor wrote to A Plus. "If I'd known I would have brushed my hair. My ultimate aim now is that The Ellen Show will see it, and ask me and my prominent jaw onto the show to discuss it."

Women deciding not to have children is also a growing trend in the United States. In 2015, nearly half of all women ages 15 to 44 were without children, but there is still some social stigma regarding women who choose to remain child-free. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ellen Walker, who is also childless, wrote a 2011 essay dispelling myths about child-free women. She hoped that her essay would "increase understanding and respect for each of our life's choice."

Taylor is proud of her decision to be child-free.

"Seeing my sister and friends become the extraordinary mothers they are is a privilege. They are brilliant. Sometimes verging on saintly," she told BBC News. "But then I remember I can sleep for 12 hours and don't have to wipe another human's arse today. That feels pretty saintly, too."

(H/T: BuzzFeed News)


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