'The Ellen Show' Presents Hilarious Video Featuring A Bunch Of Dads Who Totally Saved The Day

Dads doubling as superheroes.

How many times have your parents come to your rescue?

From having all the answers to our most ridiculous questions to making us feel better with a simple bowl of soup, it seems as though our parents can be downright superheroes.

And in a recent taping of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres presented a video featuring a bunch of dads who legitimately saved the day with their attentiveness and quick reflexes. 


Like this dad, who saved a falling baby with one arm.

Or this one, who got to the bottom of the hill just in the knick of time.

"Tune in next week when I show you all the times they missed," DeGeneres jokes at the end of the clip. But seriously, good thing they were there. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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