Ellen And Reese Witherspoon Compete To Decide Who Is Oprah's True Best Friend

"Let's just acknowledge I am the better friend."

Ever since Reese Witherspoon filmed A Wrinkle in Time with Oprah Winfrey, she and Ellen DeGeneres have been playfully arguing about who is truly Winfrey's best friend (Gayle King notwithstanding). This week on DeGeneres' show, they decided to put their friendships with the legendary talk show host to the test.

Of course, Winfrey didn't feel the need to choose between them. "But why do we have to have a 'better' or a 'best'?" she asked DeGeneres.

"That's what I told her," the host deadpanned. "And I said, let's just acknowledge I am the better friend."


They decided to pick a winner once and for all with one of DeGeneres' favorite things — a game. Winfrey asked them a series of questions and the first to answer correctly received a point. That was easier said than done, as neither Witherspoon nor DeGeneres could correctly answer questions about Winfrey's high school years or her secret margarita ingredient.

But when Winfrey asked them to name the '90s sitcom on which she played a therapist, it was DeGeneres' time to shine — it was her show, after all. Throw in some quick reflexes from Witherspoon on a question about Winfrey's Oscar history, and the two were tied, with an exciting prize for the audience on the line.

Find out who won the coveted title in the video below:


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