Female Doctors Tell Ellen Pompeo Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is More Than Just A TV Show

Representation matters.

She says she never has time to go to the doctor in real life, but Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo just got to meet some medical professionals whom she and her castmates inspired to pursue lifesaving jobs — all of whom, awesomely, are women.

Appearing on Good Morning America this morning, November 9, to promote tonight's 300th episode of the ABC hit, Pompeo watched a montage of messages from women who all went into medicine because of the show. And their stories speak to the power of female representation on screen — just like how the latest Ghostbusters and a certain Wonder Woman inspired young girls to dream big and set their aspirations high.


Indeed, Grey's has showcased female leadership for years now. At the show's Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the department heads for neuro, cardiothoracic, fetal, and general surgery — as well as the chief of surgery and the board chairperson — are all women. GMA showed video messages from three women, but who knows how many others are rising in the ranks at hospitals and medical centers worldwide because of Grey's.

"You helped inspire me to become a doctor and to become this strong and independent woman in this traditionally male-dominated field," Dr. Elana Fotiou said in the montage. "I think that the women of Grey's Anatomy are like modern-day superheroes."

Carleigh Fisher, meanwhile, started watching Grey's at age 15. "I knew that I wanted to be a surgeon, and now I'm going to medical school next year," she told Ellen. "And just continuing to pursue my dream to be a doctor and to be like Meredith Grey."

Then there's Laura Tiu, who actually played a nurse on the long-running medical drama. "It was such an inspiration to be on set, I looked into being a real nurse, and I went ahead and got my master's degree in nursing," she said. "And here I am."

See the women's comments in the video below and Pompeo's full segment here:

Pompeo was moved to tears to hear these women's stories "You know I'm emotional!" she told the GMA hosts. "First of all, to play a doctor, you realize how precious life is and how lucky we are just to be living and breathing and our heart beating every day. And then to have that on top of it is really moving. She continued, "I don't know how I couldn't be thrilled every day just to get the opportunity to do this and touch people the way that we touch them."

We're so happy the future is female — thanks, in part, to Ellen and the whole team at Grey's.

Cover photo via Good Morning America


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