Ellen Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With A Gift That’s Not For Him But Still Has Special Meaning

"I'm a crier. I've been known to cry."

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As Jimmy Kimmel explains it, a surprise from Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show "could go either way." Of course, DeGeneres has been known to scare her guests and play hilarious pranks on them, but she's also been known to make incredible efforts to honor and better their lives

Recently, during an appearance on her show, Kimmel found out that DeGeneres has a surprise in store for him. DeGeneres first asked Kimmel to talk about his son Billy, who was born with a genetic heart disease: tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. The disease forced him to undergo a couple of surgeries that Kimmel opened up about on his late-night talk show. 


"Of course, I became upset about this on television, which, I ... I'm a crier. I've been known to cry," Kimmel told DeGeneres. Kimmel also used his television monologues to speak about the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides affordable health care to 9 million children in the United States, as well as tragedies due to gun violence in Parkland, Fla, and Las Vegas

DeGeneres, who commended Kimmel for using his platform and voice for good, then told him that she's worked with his son's doctors and nurses to name one of the rooms at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in honor of his son. DeGeneres also added that some of Billy's nurses are present in her audience. 

"Wow," Kimmel says, clearly overcome with emotion and wiping a tear away from his eye.

"That will forever be the Billy Kimmel Room," DeGeneres says.

"That means a lot to me," Kimmel adds. 

You can check out this special moment in the clip below:


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