This Guy Pulls Off A Crazy Illusion That Leaves Ellen, And All Of Us, Stumped

No way.

Recently, magician Adam Trent appeared on The Ellen Show and pulled off a crazy iPhone illusion that's left us completely confused.

First, Trent asks Ellen DeGeneres for her iPhone. When she doesn't have one available, he turns to tWitch, the show's DJ (who you may recognize for his killer dance moves and appearances on So You Think You Can Dance).

Twitch passes Trent his phone and watches the magician place it into one of four envelopes. Trent then shuffles the phone through the envelopes and proceeds to smash three of them. 


Finally, tWitch opens up the fourth, untouched envelope. But it's empty.

"It's not my phone, man," he says.

So where is his phone?

Turns out, Trent has managed to get tWitch's iPhone INSIDE A MELON, inside a bag. 

Cue melon drop.

Be sure to watch the full video below to see if you can figure out how it's done:


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