Ellen Helps High School Senior Set Up An Epic Promposal During Her Show

"That's why I figured you'd be the perfect person to help me with this promposal."

Just when you thought promposals couldn't get any more epic, one high schooler enlisted Ellen DeGeneres herself to help ask his best friend to prom. 

During a taping of The Ellen Show, DeGeneres opens a letter from Josh Johnson, a senior at Klein Collins High School in Texas. The letter reads: "I really hope you see this. I've been wanting to ask this girl named McKenna [Kemp] to prom for a while now. She is literally your biggest fan. She loves your show so much, she talks about it every day. Everyone in school knows that McKenna loves you. That's why I figured you'd be the perfect person to help me with this promposal. I really want to go to prom with her, and I know she'd say 'yes' if you were a part of it." 


DeGeneres then welcomes Johnson on stage, and he admits he and Kemp have been best friends for years and that he has a crush on her. DeGeneres then sends Johnson off before surprising Kemp backstage and inviting her on the show. 

Kemp, overwhelmed with excitement, runs onto the show to speak with DeGeneres. She then plays a game of "What's In The Box?" which requires Kemp to pick one of three gift boxes to open. 

When she opens up box two, Johnson is inside, holding a bouquet of flowers and a sign that says "McKenna, will you go to prom with me?"

Kemp, smiling, agrees to go to prom with Johnson, and DeGeneres announces that she will help them celebrate the night with a limo and dinner. 

Watch the video below to see how it all plays out:


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