7 Times Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Were Relationship Goals

Reflecting on the many times their love inspired us all.

Weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi surprised the iconic host during a 60th birthday celebration on her show, the love between the couple could be felt not only by the studio audience but by those watching at home as well.

From the time they first met at VH1's Big In '04 Awards, to their 2008 wedding, to the present, the deliriously in-love twosome have not only shared their love with the entire world, they've also shown everyone how to live openly and honestly in their truth. Whether it was making huge proclamations of love on national television or enjoying each other in the quieter moments, they've always been couple goals.

Allow us to show you a few of our favorite moments from the two.


1. When Portia de Rossi gave Ellen the “best gift” she's ever received.

Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday bash that took place on her eponymous talk show was a star-studded bash that included the likes of Michelle Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Jamie Foxx, and Chance The Rapper. The biggest appearance, however, was when Portia de Rossi, her lovely wife, presented her with the most unexpected gift: the creation of The Ellen DeGeneres Center for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, uniting DeGeneres' own love for animals with that of her childhood hero.

2. When they did the mannequin challenge to celebrate Ellen's Medal of Freedom.

The acclaimed talk show host received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award offered to an American civilian, in 2016. To commemorate the occasion, award recipients and their guests — including Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia — participated in one of the most epic versions of the famed viral mannequin challenge craze.

3. When they posted loving notes on social media to mark their anniversary.

To mark the occasion of their ninth wedding anniversary, Ellen and Portia got a "kid" (relax, it's a puppy named "Kid") and shared photos from their relationship on Instagram along with lovey-dovey messages dedicated to one another. "We've been together so long that not only do we look like kids in this picture, but it was taken with a camera!" De Rossi captioned one of her photos.

4. When Ellen was just as crushed as you were when Portia was killed off “Scandal.”

Though she probably had some idea beforehand, Ellen DeGeneres seemed just as shocked as viewers when her wife was killed off on her TV show, Scandal. However, she reassured fans that de Rossi was OK, tweeting, "I'm proud of my wife for her epic performance on #Scandal. I will miss Lizzie Bear, but I'm glad Portia Bear is sitting right next to me."

5. When Ellen helped someone else find a love like hers with a surprise proposal.

Every now and then, Ellen plays Cupid with the audience of her talk show. During a 2014 episode, she helped facilitate a proposal for her superfan Andrea, whose boyfriend Joshua proposed to her in front of her entire studio audience.

6. When Ellen shared a rare photo of them kissing.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's birthdays are only a few days apart, with DeGeneres being born on January 26 and de Rossi celebrating on January 31. To commemorate de Rossi's 45th birthday this year, DeGeneres shared a rare photo of her kissing her wife. As if that weren't sweet enough, she also shared a video compilation to Twitter of de Rossi's many video appearances on her talk show.

7. When Ellen showed love to Portia on Valentine’s Day … even when they couldn’t be together.

With how busy their lives are in 2018, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia can't spend every holiday together, including Valentine's Day this year. Rather than let the occasion pass, though, Ellen did something special for her, sending her a gorgeous ice sculpture and having her bed covered in flowers to mark the occasion.


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